Boating & Fishing

Being surrounded by clear, deep lakes, Newboro House offers easy access to countless forms of water-based recreation. The best known is, of course, the Rideau Canal waterway, a designated world heritage site since fall 2007. Boaters who are making a trip along the canal, and who plan to take a break in Newboro, are always welcome to make Newboro House their land base for a night or two.

Sport fishers will find lots of nearby opportunities to launch their boats and drop their hooks for species such as largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye, pike, and even lake trout. Check out the maps for the lakes of Eastern Ontario and the Rideau Canal at Fish– for information about boat launch locations and species fished in the various lakes. (The lakes closest to Newboro House include Big Rideau Lake, Newboro Lake, Sand Lake, Upper Rideau Lake, and Opinicon Lake.) But be aware that fishing is regulated in Ontario. Here is some basic information on licenses, catch limits, seasons, and so on.

Don’t have your own boat? Consider hiring a boat and guide, or taking a guided cruise. Or perhaps some personal instruction or a tailored-to-you nature adventure is what you’re looking for? Then try out Adventure Agent for a paddling experience second to none. Their mobile service will even come to you.